Sisterhood of the world bloggers award tag.

Hi my beauties, I am sure you will have guessed the topic of today’s blog post from the title so I shall just get straight into it.

I think I shall start with how shocked I was to even have been nominated for this award. It is pure craziness! I was not expecting it at all because I’m such a new blogger and my blog is still a baby compared to all the established blogs on here. It is so nice to know that someone actually thought I was worthy of even being nominated. I would like to say a massive thank you to Roshni Reviews for nominating me, that was extremely sweet of you! Xx Guys be sure to check out her brilliant blog 🙂


I will now list the rules of this award below……

  • Thank the wonderful individual who nominated you and provide a link back to their blog.
  • Display the award logo within your blog post.
  • Answer the 10 questions which were created by the person who nominated you.
  • Create 10 new questions for your nominees to answer.
  • Nominate 7 fellow bloggers for the award who you feel deserve the award.

Now let’s get to the fun part….. answering the questions which I have been asked.

1. “Who inspired you to start blogging?”

There are actually several people who inspired me to start blogging. A lot were fellow instagrammers as I used to read their blogs and think I would love to be a blogger to. However,  one beautiful lady who inspired me ever since I started watching her YouTube videos was Kaushal Beauty.  Some of you may know her from YouTube and for those of you who don’t make sure you take a look at her amazing blog! After reading Kaushal’s blog regularly I decided to make a blog of my own.

2. “What was your favorite make-up trend of 2014?” 

Tough question and I actually had to Google what the trends were in 2014 haha. If I am honest I am not one to follow trends, I prefer to just be myself. Therefore I am not sure if it was a trend of 2014 however, I absolutely loved bold lips last year! I think it was only my last year that I felt confident enough to wear such bold shades know my lips….. I know I’m probably like 5 years behind but that doesn’t bother me.

3. “Would you ever start your own YouTube channel?  If so, what would it be about? “

I would definitely love to start a YouTube channel and it has been suggested by someone who I won’t embarrass by mentioning their name. I have thought about creating a YouTube channel however,  it is surely not as easy as it seems. My YouTube channel would be mostly about beauty and makeup related topics. This would require filming equipment which at the moment I can’t afford. So maybe some day inshaAllah (God willing) I will be able to. Also I would only start a YouTube channel if there was enough demand for it.

4. “If you could give one tip to an aspiring blogger what would it be?” 

If I could give one tip to an aspiring blogger and infact every single person reading this is always be your beautiful self! If you are thinking of becoming a blogger don’t care about what people will think of your blogs. There is no wrong way of blogging,  choose topics which you know about and which interest you. Also remember,  you are entitled to give your own opinions therefore don’t think about what others may think.

5. “Who is your biggest style inspiration? ” 

Damn Roshni has got me answering a lot of tough questions!  As I said before I do not follow trends etc and actually your personal style is the best style 🙂 In my opinion style is something which develops as you grow up. When I was about 9-10 years old I didn’t used to think about what I was wearing and what others would think. Therefore, back then I had a lot of fashion disasters haha and I cringe when I see those photos. It wasn’t until I started high school that I started really thinking about what I was wearing and as I got older I learned what type of clothes suit my body shape and what clothes I felt best described my personality.  The way you dress is often a reflection of your personality,  therefore dress however you want and instead of following trends….. be a trendsetter instead 😉

My style is infact very simple. I love wearing black and have so many clothing items in that color just because it is such a wearable colour. However,  I am not afraid to wear colour. From mint green to deep burgundy I have it all. I adore lace and therefore,  I am automatically attracted to anything which has lace on it or is made from lace.  There is something classy about lace which I love. I also like floral patterns which are extremely feminine and ladylike.  I dress according to my mood.

6.“My favorite food”

Is it possible to choose just one favourite?!!! Okay Sheena you have got to do this. I guess if I had to choose one favourite food it would be chicken rice. I think my mum makes the best chicken rice ever and I could just eat it for the rest of my life. It is the yummiest food ever!

7.“What would you say is the one thing you want to achieve in the next 5 years?” 

There are so many thing I want to achieve within the next 5 years. One thing I definitely want to achieve as soon as possible is my driving license. That is something which I have been meaning to do for so long and actually learning to drive will help me achieve other dreams which I have. So I just have to get on with it.

8. “What is your favourite make-up product?” 

My favourite make-up product has got to be the Fast Stroke Eyeliner by Collection. This is my favourite liquid eyeliner ever! It is so pigmented and super affordable.

9. “What are your top online fashion sites to buy from?” 

I mostly buy online from ASOS and Boohoo all my other shopping I do in stores.

10. “Describe your perfect weekend”

My perfect weekend would be spending quality time with the fantastic friends in my life who I love 🙂 It would have to consist of waking up in the afternoon and brunching on fresh pancakes with strawberries and ice cream drizzled with nutella (my tummy just rumbled there). Followed by a whole afternoon of watching movies in a cosy blanket and eating pizza, provided by my personal pizza guy 😉 Then going to the beach in the evening to lie under the stars.

Now….. I get to make up some questions for my nominees 🙂

1. How long have you been blogging for?

2. Who is your favourite YouTuber?

3. How would you describe your style?

4. When is your birthday?

5. What cuisine is your favourite?

6. What do you think of my blog?

7. As a blogger do you think stats are important?

8. If you could only choose one make-up product to keep what would it be? And why?

9.  In your opinion what is the best thing about blogging?

10. Would you ever meet any of your fellow bloggers if an event was set up for all bloggers?

Now I am going to nominate 7 bloggers who I feel deserve this award……

1. All things Kira

2. My Glamor Temptation

3. Once Upon a Glam

4. Henna Javed

5. Rebecca Lali

6. Zeenat Javed

7. Jen

I am aware that many of you have probably already been nominated by others and therefore,  I apologies for nominating again. However, at least this way you know that I love your blog and think you deserve the award 🙂

Thank you to everyone who reads my blog posts. I hope you all enjoyed getting to know some random things about me. Also once again thanks to Roshni for nominating me, you are such a sweetheart! Xx

I shall be blogging again very soon so until then take care everyone.


Sheena xX


How to: Golden Eyes with Arabic Eyeliner

Hi ladies and possibly gentlemen 🙂 I hope you are all well! I haven’t posted in a while so I thought I better get back to it. I have had to drag myself out of my bed on these cold … Continue reading

Healthy hands and nails.

Hi beautiful people, today I shall be doing a post requested by the lovely Ameena….. You know who you are! (Please don’t kill me if I spelt your name wrong and is “spelt” even a word? Oh my gosh I swear i have forgotten how to speak english!) Anyways moving swiftly onto today’s topic for my blogpost which is healthy hands and nails 🙂

It is amazing how hands are so important to us yet we forget to pamper them and take care of them! Cold weather always dries out my hands so badly and also washing dishes doesn’t help as all the natural oils and moisture is stripped from your skin. Now I don’t know much about keeping hands and nails healthy however, I have done some research so I could put together this post for you all.

First of all I would suggest investing in a hand cream/ lotion. Applying this when hands feel dry throughout the day and especially at night before you go to bed should make a big difference to the condition of your skin.  Using a hand cream creates a barrier and will prevent the skin from losing natural oils and moisture.

I recently purchased a hand cream which I spotted in superdrug during the Christmas period. The packaging was super cute and it just caught my eye. Also the fact that it resembled the famous tubes of L’occitane hand cream meant that I just had to try it out. It is a handcream by “Crabtree and Evelyn” and it is from their hand care collection.


I decided to purchase the pink tube which is the pomegranate, argan oil and grape seed one. It cost me £5 for a 25g bottle which is a little pricey for a tiny bottle like this. However, I was keen to give it a go. I tried it and I absolutely love it 🙂 it absorbs quickly, doesn’t leave hands feeling overly greasy and has a nice subtle scent.

The L’occitane hand creams cost £19 for a 120ml tube. I am not sure if they do smaller sizes or not as I didn’t research too much on them. There are so many brands of hand creams out there for a wide range of prices. Honestly it doesn’t matter which one you choose to buy…. They all do the same job 😉

If your hands are extremely flaky and dry it may be worth incorporating a hand scrub into your routine. All you need to make a hand scrub is olive oil and sugar. Scrub your hands with this mixture using circular movements all over the hand (don’t forget in between fingers and the cuticles). Do this for about 3 minutes then rinse with warm water and you will have beautiful soft hands. Don’t forget to moisturise! If you want to pamper your hands even more put some gloves over your hands after moisturisingmoisturising before bed. These are special gloves which are called cotton moisturising gloves and cost around £2. Wear the gloves while you sleep and when you take them off in the morning you will feel a big difference.

As for the health of nails there really isn’t much to it. First of all make sure you cut your nails regularly this will prevent nail breakage and also encourage healthy nail growth. Cutting your nails after a shower/bath is easier as your nails will be softer when you come out the shower.

For healthy nail growth it is important to keep your cuticles moisturised. Apply your hand cream and massage your cuticles for a few minutes every day. If you have really brittle nails it is recommended that you use petroleum jelly to massage the cuticles and castor oil is also great for this. Castor oil contains vitamin E which will help strengthen the nails and keep cuticles healthy.

Follow these tips and pamper your hands. Your hands deserve a little pampering as they do so much for you. Taking care of hands is often overlooked and I definitely have started to take more care of my hands and I hope you all do too!

Ameena I hope this post helped you and gave you some useful tips…. Let me know how you get on! 🙂

I have a lot more posts coming up very soonsoon for all of you so until then take care xX


Sheena x

December Favourites

Hi my loves, first of all I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year! I know I’m like 2 days late and I do apologise however, I just simply could not function after all the late nights I have been having recently. But now…. I’m back 😉 and I hope 2015 brinigs good things for all! Guess who got their hair chopped off…. That’s right new year, new me haha I hate when people say that! Nah I got a trim as my ends were looking awfully damaged 😦 however, you will be glad to know I’m still the same!

Today I am going to be revealing my December favourites. This is my first favourites post so here it goes…….

Haircare products:20150103_143009-1

I shall start with the L’oreal Paris Studio Line hot straight spray (pink bottle). This is a heat protectant spray which can be used with both hairdryers and straighteners. I picked this up from superdrug for about £1 when it was on offer. It claims to keep hair straight and frizz free for 3 whole days…. Too good to be true right ? Although it doesn’t keep hair poker straight for 3 days it does keep the frizz at bay. All I do is spray this through my hair before straightening and then straighten my hair as normal. The results are a lot better than when I don’t use it. As I am not one to wear my hair down for 3 days in a row I don’t mind that my hair doesn’t remain straight. Infact I like the more natural bed hair look. Therefore, if you are looking for an affordable heat protectant give it a go because I loved it.

The next product is the Gum Tree Henna hair conditioner (bug tub). This conditioner is enriched with natural henna and bamboo extracts. I have been using this through December as I found my ends were starting to look a little damaged. After using this every week my ends would feel a lot softer and stronger. I will definitely be repurchasing when it runs out 🙂

Another fave this month has been the ultimate blends shampoo with argan and camelia oils. I finally gave in and bought a bottle of this which I have wanted to try ever since it came out. I bought it when it was on offer in boots though as I hate paying full price for something you haven’t tried before…. Am I the only one ? After trying it I was so glad that I had bought it! It honestly made my hair so soft and extremely shiny after just one wash and it didn’t weigh down my hair! That was a surprise but a nice one of course 🙂

Lastly in the haircare section of December favourites is the pantene dry oil with argan oil. I love, love, love this product so much! It is great for finishing off your hair. It adds shine and helps keep the frizz away without making hair look greasy. A little really goes a long way so definitely worth investing in 😉



As you can see there are a few tea tree products in my skincare favourites for last month. Let’s just say the weather messed up my face 😦 however, with the help of these I managed to rescue my skin.

The Body Shop squeeky clean scrub is by far THE best face scrub I have ever tried in my entire life! The level of scrubbiness is perfecto (if that makes sense) haha. I swear this face scrub is amazing, it is not too harsh and not too gentle. I often find that some face scrubs contain granules which are really rough and leave skin feeling sore. This face scrub contains granules which are not harsh on your skin at all however still exfoliate the dead skin away effectively. The tea tree leaves the skin feeling tingly and fresh and dare i say it, your face feels “squeeky clean.” Thank you to a certain someone for gifting me this amazing product 🙂

Another tea tree product which I adored in December was pure tea tree oil. I had so many blemish marks forming on my face however, thankfully I had some tea tree oil in my house. I would simply dab it on the blemishes using my finger before going to bed and within a few days the marks were gone. Absolute life saver.

The tea tree foaming face wash is one I shall also be repurchasing. It reminds me of The Body Shop foaming face wash however it costs just a fraction of the price. It is superdrug’s own brand therefore is only available from there. I found that it effectively cleanses the face of any oil in a gentle way. My skin feels unbelievably soft after using this and the peppermint and tea tree cause a tingling effect which is subtle and refreshing. I like to use this at night as part of my routine before bed.

The Body Shop’s Vitamin E in serum oil is another which has made it to my December favourites. I found that this pampered my dry skin and hydrated it leaving my face looking so fresh in the mornings. Definitely recommend it 😉

Lastly in the skincare section is the Crabree and Evelyn hand cream. When I seen this in superdrug the packaging reminded me of the famous L’occitane hand cream therefore, I just had to pick it up! I got the pomegranate and argan oil scented one. I instantly fell in love with it the first time I tried it. The formula absorbs into the skin so well without leaving greasy residue on the hands. It literally melts into the skin and the scent is nice and subtle, not overpowering like a lot of handcreams.

Make up:


I have decided that I will be reviewing a few of these individually therefore, for now I won’t go into detail about why I liked these products. All these I used so much during December due to the amount of parties I had. I love each and every one of these products. Hopefully reviews on the selected products shall be done very soon.

Scented products:


There were two things which made me smell nice and lifted my mood durimg winter. The DKNY Be Delicious is an old favourite which I brought back out of its box during December. It is a subtle and fruity scent which is feminine and fresh. I absolutely adore this perfume.

The original source raspberry and vanilla shower gel (vegan friendly) smells good enough to eat. It smells like the best raspberry milkshake in the world…. Who wouldn’t want to smell like that huh ? Therefore, if you want to smell irresistible I would try this out! Such a yummy scent which will instantly make you feel better.

That is all of my December favourites 🙂 I have given my honest opinion on all products I mentioned. Let me know what you think of the products mentioned as I would love to know! Take care my beauties xX


Sheena xX

Christmas in a Little Black Dress

The Little black Dress (LBD) has been around for a long time now however it never gets old! It is amazing how one garment can be dressed up but also dressed down….. Depending on your mood. The LBD is so versatile we wear them to work, interviews, parties, night outs. If I’m honest the list is massive you can wear a LBD whenever and wherever you wish.

As Christmas is coming up I wanted to give you all a few ideas and options on how to make your LBD party worthy. None of these options include doing anything to the dress itself so don’t worry 😉 and no you do not have to go out and purchase a new dress…. Why not revive an old dress?

There are so many ways of making your LBD look even more beautiful on you. It’s all about keeping the simplicity of the dress but enhancing it using accessories.

The easiest way to add some definition and detail to your dress is by putting on a statement necklace. I have bought so many statement necklaces over the past year or so. I find Primark is great for statement necklaces they have such a vast variety of both big and small ones.


Above are just a few of my necklaces which I adore and all were bought from Primark and I’m sure some were even on sale! Who doesn’t like a good bargain huh ? 😉 Personally I think the contrast of gold or silver on black looks great.


I bought my LBD from H&M about a year ago. The lace detailing on the shoulders is what i loved most about the dress as back then i had a slight obsession with lace. I have worn it so many times on different occasions in different ways. But that is the great thing about the LBD …. It never gets old 🙂

Black is a dark colour and therefore, sometimes can look too formal. One easy way of adding colour is with a bold lip. I am a massive fan of bold lips, they can instantly change your entire look. Winged eyeliner along with bold lips is a simple look to pull off which instantly enhances your outfit.

I really liked wearing wine lips during Autumn and it is still my favourite shade and still appropriate for winter. If you would like to see how to create the perfect wine lip I shall leave a link at the end of this post. 


Above are a few of my fave lip products for winter. The lasting finish lipstick by Kate in shade 22 (left) is a beautiful classic red shade. I think it looks beautiful on olive skintones. The MUA lip lacquer in the shade reckless (middle) is more of a deeper and darker red which I think will suit any skin tone. The rimmel apocalips lip velvet in the shade meteoric matte is the perfect wine shade! I love this product so much and I use it to create my wine lip. Stunning colour and anyone can pull it off 😉



There you have it, some simple tips to liven up your LBD and make it wearable for Christmas. So whether you bought a new dress or have one lying around you can look great this Christmas. Follow these tips to glam up your LBD 🙂

Remember, you can alter this outfit to your taste. If you like to cover up more or perhaps you just prefer wearing something on your legs its totally fine. I always add leggings/tights and I assure you that you will still look gorgeous. Even add a blazer if you wish!

Thank you all for reading my blog. I honestly appreciate each and every one of you who reads my posts and leaves me such sweet comments 🙂 I have lots more on the way over the next 2 weeks including some party looks specially for Christmas. I will try to get them up ASAP.

If you haven’t seen how to create the perfect wine lip then the link is

Take care 🙂

Lots of love,

Sheena xXX

First impressions: Makeup Revolution London Flawless Palette.

Hi my honeys! I hope you are all well and surviving the extreme cold weather….. I woke up yesterday and it was snowing! I couldn’t believe it and “it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas” (you know that song right?) Christmas is really not far now and I have a lot of posts lined up for you all so, fingers crossed you enjoy reading my blogs over the next few weeks 😉

Today I am going to be sharing my first impressions on the “flawless” palette by Makeup Revolution London. Ever since I seen this palette I knew I just had to get it….. It was like love at first sight haha. This brand is fairly new and very similar but maybe a tad better than another one of my favorite budget brands MUA (Make Up Academy). I adore my palettes by MUA as they are amazing dupes of the super expensive naked palettes by Urban Decay.

Products by Makeup Revolution can be found in Superdrug stores and also on the Makeup Revolution website which I shall link at the bottom of this post.

Okay now onto the product itself, I was very impressed by the packaging of this eyeshaddow palette! It came in a rose gold box which has a slight mirror effect. The word “flawless” (name of the palette) has been embossed onto the box which I think added to the classiness of the packaging. I mean if I am this impressed by the outside just imagine how impressive the product must be!


Classy or what?

On the back they have shown the shades included in the palette which is very helpful as you can see exactly what shades you will be getting.


The palette contains 32 eyeshaddows in total. There is a nice mixture of both matte and shimmer shades which makes it a versatile palette. And it only costs £8 …… That’s 25p per eyeshaddow!

When I opened the box and removed the palette which had been placed in a plastic bag to prevent any scratching, I was amazed at how sturdy the casing was. It is solid and I swear it will be impossible to crack or break the outer shell.


For the £8 I paid this looks too good to be a drugstore brand product. It looks so professional right? So far I have nothing negative to say about this palette.

Now the exciting part I opened the palette which did take a little while as it is a bit stiff when it comes to opening it. Others have pointed this out and I think that is something which needs improvement. However, if I’m honest it didn’t bother me too much as I’m more interested in the eyeshadows.


When I finally managed to prise the palette open my first reaction was “oh my god it looks like a sleek palette”. The fact that the eyeshaddows all have names instantly reminded me of a sleek palette which also have a plastic film of names placed over the shades. As you can see there is a nice variety of colours within the palette.


I honestly don’t think there is a shade there that I wouldn’t be able to use. I love all the colours. I mean check out the size of the mirror! This will be the best £8 you will ever spend, I absolutely think this is worth more than that.

This palette is perfect for any girl. But I especially recommend it for anyone who is just starting out with make up. You will have enough colours in this to get you started. So many looks can be created with just this one palette…. You can’t go wrong and it will save you buying a million different palettes. If you are a fan of neutral eyes and bold lips then this is perfect as it contains a good selection of nude shades.

I cannot wait to play around with my “flawless” palette and see what looks I can create. I shall do another how to blog post as you guys seem to enjoy them most! I am planning to create some eye looks for Christmas night outs etc using this palette therefore, keep an eye out for those posts 😉

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post and having a look at the palette itself. A review on the eye shadows shall be done in a separate blog post. The link for the Makeup Revolution website is

I look forward to writing my next post very soon! Take care 🙂

Lots of love,

Sheena xX

I’m making a list but not checking it twice.

As Christmas is fast approaching I am bracing myself for the cheesy Christmas songs which play for about 2 months non stop everywhere you go. I am also preparing to be knocked over by some crazy Christmas shoppers haha. Every year I would say Christmas is the time of year when most money is spent. I mean I don’t celebrate Christmas but it doesn’t stop me from spending a lot of money on gifts…. For myself 🙂 This year I have decided to share with you all the items which are on my wish list….so far!

Number 1 on my list is an item I have been trying to get hold of for ages but is always out of stock…. I guess because it is the prettiest palette around. It is the “flawless” palette by the very new brand, make up revolution. I swear if you own this palette you won’t need to buy any more eyeshaddows. It contains 32 shades and costs just £8 so basically 25p per eyeshaddow. The palette contains both matte and shimmer eyeshaddows in a vast variety of colours.


Isn’t it beautiful ?

Number 2 on my wish list is a sweet smelling scent which I absolutely love and have wanted ever since I first smelt it. “Daisy dream” by Marc Jacob’s is such a feminine perfume and the bottle is just as feminine. I feel like my life will never be complete until I own this perfume…. I know that is extreme but seriously I need this in my life!


Such a cute bottle right ?

The next thing on my list is a very inexpensive item which fingers crossed I should own by Friday 🙂 It is the MUA gold highlighting powder. I have heard amazing things about this and apparently it is a dupe of the NARS highlighting powder. I can’t wait to get my hands on this and of course a review shall follow 😉


For now the last thing on my list is a pair of brown boots. I know I kind of missed Autumn however, I don’t follow trends and just wear what I want whenever I want. Therefore, I have been looking for a nice pair of brown boots for a while now. Last time I was in Primark and seen some I liked but I was in 2 minds about these. Maybe you guys can help me come to a decision so feel free to comment your opinion down below x


What do you guys think ? Yes or no?

For now that the only things I really want, its not a lot but I’m sure as Christmas gets closer my list shall grow. Thank you all for reading and keep an eye out for my future posts 🙂 x


Sheena Xx

My Fave Haircare Products.

Hi loves, I hope you are all well. I apologise for disappearing as it has been over a week since I last blogged ! I have just been so busy as dance practice is now in full swing also I have not been feeling too great lately *sneeze *cough *cough *sneeze. I feel awful and have been overdosing on vitamin C tablets but it made no difference so far 😦

Anyways back to the topic of today’s blog post, I am going to share with you all my favouritist hair products. Yes I know “favouritist” is not a word but I like to invent words. 😛

Surprisingly I don’t use a lot of products on my hair. I literally have like about 10 products in total and that’s it! I don’t feel the need to have millions of hair products as I know I won’t need them all. Also using too many products in your hair results in unwanted build up which can leave hair looking greasy and flat.

Now when it comes to shampoo I don’t use anything fancy or expensive. The shampoos I use are super affordable, smell good and do the job….. What more do you want huh ? I will start of with telling you my favourite shampoo which is Johnson’s baby shampoo. Yes you read that right I love baby shampoo, it is a mild shampoo therefore, won’t damage your hair. Some shampoos can be very harsh on the hair but baby shampoo cleans the hair gently and I love it ! 😉


You can buy this is almost any shop which sells shampoo. I buy mines from boots and a 500ml bottle costs around £2-£3. You may get it cheaper elsewhere.


This coconut shampoo is one of my new favourites as I only discovered it recently. It smells amazing ! This shampoo contains no parabens at all. Also it contains 100% pure coconut oil which will nourish your dry hair and add moisture. 😉 I bought this from semichem and it retails for about £2…. That’s amazing right ?!!

Another shampoo which I absolutely love at the moment is the “Morrocan My Shine” shampoo by herbal essences. In my eyes you can never go wrong with any shampoo by herbal essences. These shampoos smell amazing and make your hair feel so soft and healthy. Definitely check this one out if you have dry and dull hair. It costs around £4 from boots for a 400ml bottle.

Now moving away from shampoos onto conditioners. As I do many deep conditioning treatments at home i’m not fussy when it comes to conditioners. I find any conditioner will do the job! Although I will say one thing, I only use conditioner on the bottom section of my hair I apply it to the hair below my ears all the way down to the tips. I do not apply conditioner to my roots because your roots are freshly grown hair…. They should be healthy. Your ends are basically dead hair, I know that is a horrible way to think of it but its true haha that’s why you need to take care of your ends and keep them looking healthy. If you would like to try my egg hair mask which will save your hair from these harsh winter winds make sure you check out that post!

Next i am going to tell you about a tiny bottle of goodness which is available at Primark. Yes a very unusual place to buy haircare products but they actually have some good stuff ! I was a little sceptical about trying this at first and would always pick it up then think nah it won’t be good. However this tiny bottle has changed the condition of my hair and has lasted me about 2 years which is madness!


Next time you see this little bottle, trust me pick it up! It costs £2.50 and a little really does go a long way. This is Primark’s Hask healing hair shine treatment which is a very light oil and contains keratin to strengthen the hair. It smells like Terry’s chocolate orange …. Could it get any better ? I swear I have been tempted to eat it haha. After my shower I comb through my hair then pour out a 5p coin sized amount onto my hand and work it into my ends. I then leave my hair to dry naturally in my bun and it feels so soft when its dry. Sometimes I use it on dry hair to tame bits that stick out or after straightening my hair to add shine.

Another product I use in similar ways to the Hask healing hair shine treatment is the pantene dry oil with argan oil. I love this just as much, again it is an ultra lightweight oil which doesn’t leave greasy residue as long as you don’t use too much.

The last product I am going to mention is my favourite dry shampoo. For me dry shampoo is an essential product as I only like to wash my hair about 2 times a week…  Sometimes 3 times if I’m not feeling lazy! Dry shampoo is my saviour on those days where I just simply cannot be bothered. You may be thinking I am going to say batiste is my favourite dry shampoo but you are wrong, Batiste just doesn’t do it for me. I love love love v05 dry shampoo! Ever since I tried the “plump me up” dry shampoo I never used another one ever again. It is amazing for giving flat, greasy hair lots of volume and grip. Great for when you want to do an updo.


Trust me try it and you will fall in love!

That’s all my hair products which I use. I hope you all enjoyed reading this blog post on my favourite haircare products. Be sure to give some of them a go and let me know your opinions on the mentioned products 🙂

Thanks for reading beauties…. There is more on haircare on the way very soon! Take care x

Lots of love,

Sheena xX